Ed Equity Lab Is A Solid Step for UConn Towards Democratizing Access

The University of Connecticut was recently selected by the National Education Equity Lab to join other institutions in offering university courses to underprivileged high school students at no cost and for credit.

This is a solid step towards democratizing access to higher education. The courses are taught by university faculty in asynchronous formats, which broadens the geographic reach of the program as well as  allows students greater flexibility while engaging with course material. Teaching assistants provide live-time support to students, and high school teachers monitor student progress through regular meetings. The courses provide opportunities for students to experience the rigors of college-level academic work, as well as to realize their own capabilities for it.

The Ed Equity Lab provides UConn with a unique opportunity to leverage its position as a state university with the country’s oldest concurrent enrollment program, The Early College Experience, to be a leader in increasing accessibility to higher education.


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