Sydni Turner

HBCU Fellow of Teaching Innovation

Sydni Turner earned a Masters of Arts in Sociology from Howard University in May 2021. Her Master’s Thesis “The Rebirth of Black is King: Exploring the Parent-Child Experience Among Incarcerated Black Fathers Narrated by Their Children discusses the successful parenting practices Black fathers used during incarceration. Additional research explores mass incarceration, the Black family, and reentry into society. Sydni is a full time OPM retained Background Field Investigator III responsible for protecting national security as she investigates individuals seeking government security clearances. As a Prince George’s county native, she currently serves as a reentry mentor at Welcome Home Reentry Program. Her role assists young adults, who reside in the Prince George’s County Community Release Center, with successfully reintegrating into society post incarceration. In addition, she is a board member and secretary at It Takes A Village Collaborative (ITAVCollab) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide individuals, families, and communities, with resources, services, and networks to empower them to reach their fullest potential. ITAVCollab received a grant in Spring 2021 to conduct the “To Be Me” program providing women returning citizens with a safe environment to learn about their history, connect with their community, and develop their network. ITAVCollab To Be Me infuses a holistic approach to wellness in partnership with the National Reentry Network program to help build support, awareness, resilience, opportunity, enrichment, communication skills, self-empowerment and self-confidence in its participants and staff. Long term, she aims to own a reentry non-profit organization that provides services such as employment, housing, and life skills to the formerly incarceration population.