Fathema Siddiqua

Vice President of Communications, Alumni Society Board

Hi! My name is Fathema and I am a high school junior residing in New York City. I am originally from the beautiful, tropical country of Bangladesh. I took the Poetry in America, Principles of Criminal Justice, and Barnard Microeconomic courses from the National Education Equity Lab, and I enjoyed every single one of them! This incredible lab has allowed me to grow out of my comfort zone and has been supporting me for over 2 years. The individuals that are a part of this community have ensured that I believe in myself and strive for all my passions, regardless of how unthinkable they seem. I intend to continue college abroad, and after that,, I aspire to attend law school and work in foreign affairs. My biggest dreams consist of traveling the world and learning more about my ethnicity and culture. A fun fact about me is that I share the same birthday as Harry Potter, which is my favorite book series.

The National Education Equity Lab’s alumni society is an incredible opportunity for me to work with like-minded individuals and learn more about not only myself, but the world around me. I receive constant love and support from everyone on the team, and the kindness of the community is what led to me become a part of the team myself. I know that this opportunity is a perfect chance for me to contribute to this incredible lab who has helped me so much!

The National Education Equity Lab has fostered an incredible community that has supported me for over two years!